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Setting up a new IETM with multiple models

I am just starting a project that will require setting up an IETM with multiple models, so I thought I would document part of the process. This IETM will be filtered using only Use-On-Codes (UOC) at first, there may be the addition of secondary filtering later on due to changes in the parts that can be ordered.

  1. I am starting off with 3 sets of files that will be combined into one set of files and filtered for the models based on the UOC. In getting started, there are several files that need to be setup correctly in order to publish the IETM and have it display in EMS NG. Here are the files that need to be setup:
    1. Publishing Matrix - Defines the contents of the IETM. Includes the XML files and any additional media files, such as PDFs or Flash files
    2. Applicability file - Defines the models and the reference names. In this case, the reference names will include the UOCs for each model
    3. Configuration File - Defines the DTD used for the XML, the models included in theIETM, the menus for the IETM. An option is to include definitions for external programs that can be started within EMS NG such as P2P or CBT software
    4. Front Cover - The cover that is displayed when the IETM is opened up in EMS NG
    5. General Information work package - One WP required in order to publish IETM and have it display in EMS NG Viewer
  2. When setting up these files, there are common bits of information that must match otherwise the IETM will not publish or it will not display correctly in the EMS NG viewer. Some of the information is re-used in the EMS NG publisher and must also match in order for the publish to work. Steps for setting up the EMS NG publisher are included with the EMS NG Software Suite. Here is the list of things that need to match.
    1. EMS NG Publisher,  Configuration File, Publishing Matrix - The name of the config file and publishing matrix must match the one used in the EMS NG Publisher. The column names for the files and the publish column must match in the publisher and the publishing matrix. The key attribute for the manual, defined in the configuration file, must match the TM type specified in the publisher setup.
    2. Applicability, Configuration File, Front Cover - When using filtering for the IETM, the model information must match exactly in the applicability.xml file, the configuration file and the front cover. If the information does not match, the Front Cover may not display or some of the models may not display. If there is only one model, the information may display but won't support proper filtering later on.

I recommend setting up the model information in the applicability.xml file, then copying the tags into the configuration file and the front cover file. In the configuration file, a different picture can be specified for each model. This image will override the default image specified in the front cover file.

Once the basic structure is setup, along with the EMS NG publisher, you can then do a test build to make sure the IETM will publish correctly. It's much easier to fix configuration files and specify filtering before a lot of authoring has occurred.

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