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General Information

The Electronic Maintenance Systems (EMS) Next Generation (NG) Software Suite is a set of tools used to created Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for the US Military. This software displays XML tagged data in a web browser that is used to provide information on operating, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment. In addition there is functionality that can read data into the IETM for equipment supported by the software. IETMs have been created for the HMMWV, HEMTT, PLS, HMEE-I, M915A5 and other vehicles for the US Army.

The complete suite provides software for creating the tagged content, working with parts data, publishing the IETM content in web or PDF format and viewing the content on the US Army Maintenance Support Device (MSD). The software has a Certificate of Networthiness (CON).

For more information on obtaining the software contact the EMS NG TACOM office or by searching for EMS NG on Army Knowledge On-line (AKO). Software can be downloaded from AKO if you have an account on the site.

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