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Tamara Harpster- Director Information Technology Services

Tamara Harpster, Software Engineering Director/CFO of VDL-5 Technologies Inc.

Tamara Harpster brings over 25 years of software and small business management experience to VDL-5 Technologies. She attained a B.S. in Computing and Information Sciences from Oklahoma State University, and then became a software development team leader for F-16 test stations at General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division. She continued on this path with her next position at SAIC Range Systems in San Diego, CA where she became a leader in software development and documentation.

Changing gears after SAIC, Tamara and her husband gained valuable small business experience by owning and managing a motel in Wyoming. After a successful 5 years managing finances and employees, tracking inventory stock, and performing marketing and sales, Tamara and her husband built up the motel income by 50% in their five years of motel ownership. During this time Tamara also learned the importance of good financial tracking, analysis of costs and income and the need for evaluation and assessment of the profit and loss reports for a small business.

After selling the motel for a profit, Tamara returned to San Diego and worked for various software companies honing her mastery of the overall Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Tamara also used her skills on web site development, supporting marketing efforts for one company web site and increasing sales by 20% through web site queries. After gaining experience with the entire software development cycle, Tamara moved into a project lead position where she was in charge of software maintenance for the Electronic Maintenance Systems (EMS) IETM viewing software. As part of the maintenance she also supported planning for the next generation of web based authoring tools and IETM viewers. Working with the Program Manager for the IETM development, she provided guidance and support simplifying project tracking and budget monitoring, so that project critical information was provided in a timely manner. Tamara also worked on improving and automating the estimate process for contracts, and timely updates of budget spent data versus total budget in order to ensure costs were contained on engineering projects.

As a result of her 25 plus years of work experience, Tamara Harpster brings a rich background and understanding of both small and large business practices, including the strong need for financial tracking and expense management. Tamara’s combination of software experience, small business management, and experience with project estimating, project cost tracking and other business practices brings a unique and critical set of skills to VDL-5 Technologies.

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