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The VDL-5 Technologies team is proud to offer its services for military and commercial applications. Our primary duties include development of military standard technical manuals, training materials, and providing software services. Our areas of focus are:

  • Military Technical Manual Development
    HMEE-I Vehicle and Technician
    Our technical writers have experience in developing materials for the maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment used by the Army and Marines. In addition, our team has experience with Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) development, including integration with vehicle diagnostics, parts ordering systems and other third party systems. Our 40 years of combined past experience includes development of the HMMWV, PLS, HET, HEMTT, FMTV, M915 Family of Vehicles (FOV), HMEE-1, and LVSR IETMs.


  • Military Training Material
    HMEE-I P2P training in EMS-2
    The team also has experience in designing and developing training materials for IETM end users. The final training can be a stand-alone module for a computer in the field or a module installed on a Learning Management Server (LMS), and is integrated with a complete training package. Past experience includes development of HMMWV and HMEE I end-user training.


  • Software Services
    ABV Help Screen
    As part of an IETM-authoring partnership, our team can provide support for an authoring environment setup, and integration and roll-out of the final IETM. Past experience includes an IETM-authoring station setup, IETM-installer development, ETM software menu development and deployment, and web application development for viewing data.

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