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The Quality Management approach of VDL-5 Technologies is to foster a culture that strives to meet and exceed customer expectations during the development of technical content.  This culture includes regular communication of the team, reviewing problems for fixes and prevention and working to continuously improve our processes on each project based on lessons learned. The results of our technical development are recorded as work progresses in order to allow management insight and ensure monitoring of project progress for prevention of future problems.  The documentation requirements are reviewed and updated as changes and improvements are found for the process during content development.

VDL-5 Technologies is committed to continuous improvement during technical content development.  We use a combination of processes to identify areas where improvements can be made.  The final result of our processes is to deliver a quality product by meeting project milestones and staying within project budgets.  For each project we use our quality processes and tailor them to provide the right sized solution for our customer requirements, schedule and budget.

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