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Program Management

The Program Management approach of VDL-5 Technologies is to build a team that delivers technical manuals, IETMs, provisioning data and training that meets or exceeds our customer requirements and expectations.  VDL-5 accomplishes this by using best practices in management principles and techniques for monitoring status, dealing with issues and maintaining good communication between the VDL-5 team and our customer during development.  This process of management and continuous improvement has enabled us to successfully deliver on our projects, meeting milestone deadlines and staying within budget.

Our management process is implemented from the initial proposal effort, content development, validation and verification of the content, and the required updates to content as changes are made to equipment.  The VDL-5 management team has extensive experience in partnering with other companies and supporting their proposal efforts.  We can answer the mail as a team member and help you build a winning proposal.  After a win, VDL-5 will continue to use good management techniques to ensure meeting the project requirements.  Finally, we will ensure that you have a successful delivery with our technical manuals, IETMs, provisioning data and training.

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