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Past and Current Projects

  • M915 A5 IETM – The M915A5 vehicle meets armored transportation needs for the military.  This project required meeting an unprecedented schedule of aggressive development  to support production and fielding of the vehicle.  In addition, the IETM was developed using newly released software (EMS NG), and required sharing data with our partners, XMCO Inc.  VDL-5 developed the troubleshooting, then provided administration and compilation of the IETM elements.  The partnership of XMCO and VDL-5 met the deadlines for this project and are delivering an IETM that is setting the standard for development of future EMS NG IETMs.
  • HMEE-1 IETM – The IETM for the HMEE-1 was developed using EMS-2 software.  VDL-5 technical writers converted PDF text and graphics generated by our XMCO partners, and converted the content into SGML-tagged data for the EMS-2 viewer.  VDL-5 is preparing for the next phase of the project, during which we will convert SGML EMS-2 data into EMS NG XML-tagged data.  The project will include sharing data between remote sites and the migration of content into the EMS NG Content Management System (CMS).
  • ABV ETM Menu – VDL-5 provided software support for the Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) program and built a menu system for accessing the ABV technical manuals, training materials and legacy PDFs.  Over the course of the project, the data set was reduced from a 3-CD install set to a 1-CD installer. We  also added a comprehensive Help menu and provided a concise set of manuals to support the ABV maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Cat Grader, Dozer 6 & 7 Troubleshooting – The military required a set of troubleshooting instructions for commercial vehicles, so VDL-5 technical writers took the existing commercial material and converted it into a standard, easy-to-use format for the ARMY.
  • LAV IETM – We provided software support for our XMCO partners in getting setup and authoring XML for the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) IETM.  The setup included using the Marine-provided IETM convertor and styler for generating a web browser-viewable IETM and PDFs from the same XML source.

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