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Lee Malin - CEO

Lee Malin, Vice President, Operation of VDL-5 Technologies Inc.

Lee Malin brings 29 years of defense contracting operations experience to VDL-5 Technologies. Lee started in the U.S. Air Force at the tail end of the Vietnam War, working on complex ground to air radar systems. After 4 years in the military, Lee entered the civilian work force and worked 3 years in RF electronics before starting with General Dynamics.

At General Dynamics, Lee made use of his Air Force and civilian experience while working on the F-111 test station refurbishment program. While on this program, Lee showed his skill at customer interface and advanced to independently servicing the F-111 ILS equipment. During this time, he spent his evenings completing a B.B.A. and an M.B.A program, earning Summa Cum Laude honors in the process. While still at General Dynamics Lee turned his sights on the F-16 technical publications department and spent the next seven years authoring complex troubleshooting procedures, a skill set utilized by the most complex and sophisticated IETMs created today.

After leaving General Dynamics, Lee started at SAIC working as a lead author on the new EMS IETM program. Lee spent his time on this program learning the details of IETM authoring, management of IETM project tasks, IETM scheduling, proposal writing and improving customer relationships. With his increasing managerial and technical experience in IETMs and vehicle testing, he advanced to the Program Manager position for IETM and software projects at what later became a division of L-3 Communications.

While at L-3 Communications Lee exercised his skill with customers and forged solid working relationships with XMCO, DRS Radian, L-3 JOG, TACOM management as well as manufacturers of vehicles such as Freightliner, Oshkosh Truck, and Stewart & Stevenson. Lee Malin’s 20 years of technical experience and 12 plus years management experience with the ARMY and USMC IETM programs adds valuable technical as well as management depth to VDL-5 Technologies.

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