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Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Development

At VDL-5 Technologies we have the experience needed to setup, develop, integrate and deploy all levels of IETMs from Class 0 to Class 5. Our primary expertise is with the development of Class 4 and Class 5 IETMs which provide a tailored user session for troubleshooting or maintaining equipment using links and reading data from the equipment. While these classes of IETMs are considered a hurdle in development of logistics data, VDL-5 has the experience to develop content and meet your RFP requirements.
As part of the development of IETM content, VDL-5 authors and engineers provide the following services:

  • Analyze OEM/vendor provided documentation to generate a complete symptom based troubleshooting list. The equipment is analyzed to fill in any information not available through existing documentation.
  •  Based upon all the components of the target equipment, complex troubleshooting logic trees are developed to address a whole range of possible symptom based failures.
  •  Troubleshooting procedures are created by adding detailed step by step procedural instructions complete with locator graphics, links to schematics if applicable as well as supporting test equipment user instructions.
  • Using OEM supplied source data for parts and maintenance tasks, convert schematics and vendor COTS manuals into formatted text fitting military standards including MIL-STD-40051/2361 and S1000D.
  • Take parts list data and populate databases that support maintenance and parts ordering.
  • Maintenance graphics are linked to parts information, using ‘hot spots’ or links on an illustration in the manual, for ease of ordering, customized research guarantees proper parts for varied models and versions of equipment.
    • Embed links to supporting information, such as video and audio files, PDFs, Computer Based Training (CBT) and other software tools in order to provide a complete suite of fully supported troubleshooting and maintenance instructions.

VDL-5’s experience with highly interactive types of technical manuals ensures implementation of the full functionality available within a Class 4 or Class 5 IETM. These Classes of IETM, when used on a properly equipped platform, can simulate test instruments, query the equipment the instruments are connected to and report data to the user without requiring the hookup of additional test equipment. Our experience includes the insertion of virtual multi meter functions, pressure gages (psi) and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) fault code reading capability. The variety of signals that can be measured is limited to the type of transducer available to connect to the test platform (computer) and the mechanical/electronic stimulus it is designed to interpret.
In addition to our technical expertise, VDL-5 also has the management experience required to respond to RFIs, RFPs, manage the IETM development and ensure that your schedule is met. VDL-5 has the experience in partnering that you need in order to meet your RFP and schedule requirements. We provide all of the services you require, proposal writing, content development, software tool setup and administration, content creation to create a winning proposal and implentation for your IETM development.

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